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October 26, 2018

How to Prepare for your Newborn Session with Talia Laird Photography

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Your new baby will be here soon and you have just booked your luxury newborn session with Talia Laird Photography! YAY! There is SO much on your mind already I am sure, so this guide will make it really easy to get ready for your newborn session so that everything runs smoothly and we are able to focus on capturing your first memories with your new baby at home.


What to wear to your luxury newborn session

Soft, neutral color palettes are ALWAYS my recommendation for newborn sessions! Since adding the client wardrobe to our luxury experience, we have found that most of our mommas find a beautiful piece to wear for their session from the client wardrobe. Let’s face it, picking out outfits for a photo session can be super hard! But not with the client wardrobe at your fingertips! You won’t have to worry about going to the store and spend $200 to get the look of your dreams! I have a closet full of high end brand dresses for mom as well as a selection of children’s pieces for your to choose from!

If you must wear your own clothing, I want you and the love you have for your new baby to be what you see when you look at your photos and I wouldn’t want your outfit to distract from that; there are many things that I would wear in my everyday life, but wouldn’t dream of wearing in photos! Styling help is included. The colors, both in wardrobe and in your home, will play a large role in the look and feel of your photos. Ask yourself- what is it about my work that drew you in? If you want that soft, organic, timeless feel that you fell in love with in my style, I recommend selecting a piece from our client wardrobe or 2-3 colors from the color palette below:

What to wear luxury newborn session

Always pick what mom will wear first and coordinate everyone else around her! Momma- pick something that you are going to be comfortable in post-partum. Soft flowy fabrics with some movement and texture always photograph beautifully! That’s why the client wardrobe is full of high end brand dresses that flatter most body types and provide that beautiful soft texture in camera.

Don’t be afraid of wearing a soft dress for your newborn session (like the momma below did); they are always flattering on postpartum bodies and can help to hide a lot of the common insecurities. I also recommend wearing something with sleeves or at least a partial sleeve since a light sleeve can help give a little more coverage on the upper arms.

See our style guide here!

How to prepare your home for your luxury newborn session

For your session, we will likely use some combination of the following; your nursery, the master bedroom, the living room, the kitchen. But, with that said, delivering timeless, clean, beautiful images is my main priority, so lighting and neutral colors are very important to achieving that look. I have been known to use guest rooms or flex rooms in cases where that is the best light. I love it when clients send me cell phone shots of the rooms in their home so I can get a peek ahead of time! Take peek at some examples of how we found the best light available in these homes.





No need to deep clean your home; it will definitely not be noticeable if you don’t get a chance to dust the tops of the cabinets. Simply remove clutter on tables, clear off countertops and nightstands and tuck distractions into closets. If you don’t care to remember that the purple swiffer sweeper was kept in your living room, then move it into a closet so it’s not in the images. Take a look at how Amy cleared clutter from the three rooms we used in her home:


Many of my clients love to get family shots snuggled up on the master bed or pictures of baby by him/herself on the bed and having a white/very light neutral comforter can really help keep these images timeless. If you don’t have a white or neutral comforter, please let me know and I will plan to bring one.

How to prepare your newborn

Feed baby right before I arrive for a nice sleepy baby! Nothing like a good milk coma 🙂

Keep your home a comfortable temperature so baby isn’t too cold. A warm baby is a happy baby!

What should baby wear?! I absolutely love a classic onesy with a cute swaddle. This is the most timeless way to go! My suggestion is to avoid “cliche” outfit choices for baby (even though they make some really cute baby stuff), so that the main focus of your images is on you and your love for your newborn baby instead of the trendy outfit you put him/her in. I do think a fun swaddle or a dainty little headband/bow/hat is a great way to add in something a little extra pretty without overdoing it. (I love some of the softer colored swaddles from Little Unicorn and the headbands from Little Poppy Co or Hello Kait). Stear clear of anything with words on it or distracting patterns.






How to prepare the sibling(s)

If they have a lovey or fav toy, have it on hand! (just in case)

Feel free to have snacks/rewards ready, but make sure it’s not something that will turn their mouths funny colors (those tiny little marshmallows work great because they are white)

Make sure they get a nap if they are normally nappers!

Talk up how much fun we are going to have and how excited I am to meet them (simple foreshadowing goes a long way with little ones).

Be ready to roll with whatever happens! Little ones are VERY sensitive to our energy; if they sense frustration, things can go south quickly. If we all stay upbeat and excited, we’re more likely to have happy kiddos! 🙂

Lake Country Twin Newborn Photographer



How to prepare your nursery

Select a room in your home with plenty of available light!

I suggest choosing a paint color that is soft and neutral so that it doesn’t reflect odd colors onto baby’s skin. Some families like to do an accent wall (with a wallpaper or stencil) to put the crib up against in a neat soft colored design which can look really nice (stay away from busy patterns).

I love when families pick modern, bright, nursery decor!

Don’t forget the details! These are the small finishing touches that make your baby’s nursery really special. I love to photograph a new baby surrounded by all of the things that were so lovingly selected just for him/her.




Things to avoid

Avoid eating large amounts of dairy the week before your session as it can cause an unsettled tummy in many babies.

Neon or bold colors.

Distracting patterns like chevron.

Scolding/disciplining the older sibling(s) right before or during the session.



The luxury newborn experience timeline

Book your session: 1-6 months prior to your due date

Plan your wardrobe & nursery: this will be done gradually throughout your pregnancy. Most clients choose to use a pieces from the client wardrobe, but if you are using your own clothing, avoid waiting until the last minute to plan your wardrobe. Please send pictures of your outfit ideas and I would be happy to provide any guidance!

Schedule your session: Call/email Talia Laird Photography as soon as baby is born so we can get you on the calendar!! I like to do my newborn sessions within the first week of life whenever possible (those sweet babies grow and change SO fast at the beginning!)

Session day!! When I arrive at your home, I will have you show me around so I can get a feel for the lighting and colors in your home. We’ll decide where to start and then you get to just snuggle your baby in front of the lens (this is the easy part) and pretend I’m not there!

Schedule your In Person Design and Ordering Appointment: 2-3 weeks after your session we will sit down together to plan out how you will display your images in your home. All financial decision makers must be present and orders will be placed that night.

Your beautiful custom artwork arrives: 4-6 weeks after your viewing and ordering appointment.



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