The Roadmap to Luxury motherhood photography

This photography coaching program was specifically created for motherhood photographers (newborn, maternity, family) who want a proven roadmap to book dream clients willing to invest four figures in a luxury experience. 

maybe you've been feeling a little like this...

Your calendar this fall was completely crazy, you’ve got the “magic” touch when it comes to fresh babies, and you know your way around a toddler tantrum quite well. But let’s talk about the elephant in the room- the business side of things. Yikes!

You've tried all inclusive pricing and you know you need to raise your prices, but how?!

You hustled around all year to different shooting locations, giving up your nights and weekends with your own family and editing late at night and you hardly came away with a profit- or worse- maybe you didn't profit at all.

does this sound like you?

You know how to make beautiful photos and your clients love you, but when it comes to the business side of things... yikes!

Your calendar this fall was completely overwhelmed and you were left feeling burnt out. And after all those hours shooting and late nights editing, you came away with very little- or worse, maybe you're not sure you profited at all?

You know you should be raising your prices, but gosh it's scary! How do all of these other photographers feel so confident in charging luxury prices for their work?

You see other photographers booking clients who want beautiful tangible artwork in their homes, but how are they finding these dream clients?!

You know you want to create tangible artwork for your clients so you can serve them more fully, but gosh, you sure don't want to come across as "sales-y" (cringe!).

Your overbooked calendar this year left you feeling like you missed out on doing all the fun things with your own family. There has to be a way to both make a living out of this business of yours, without sacrificing your own memories, doesn't there?!

if you're sitting there thinking...

OMG It's me!

This photography business coaching program is for you, my dear!

imagine if you could feel like this ...

You knew how to confidently raise your prices + book your calendar out with luxury clients



You had a proven roadmap to shooting fewer sessions each month while making more money


You knew how to attract dream clients who want to invest in heirloom artwork 

Imagine if you could stop shooting every night and weekend and instead run a profitable business while gaining back time with your own family...

all while offering a beautiful your clients will rave about!



The Roadmap to Luxury motherhood photography

If you're looking for a sign, this is it!

You're just one click away from your first four figure session! This is a pivotal moment for your photography business...

This will be the moment you look back on and say that "everything changed"...

here's what's inside:

module 1 | Your numbers

In order for you to move forward with creating the profitable business of your dreams, we need to know exactly where your break-even point is. We will start the course with a deep dive into your numbers. I will show you exactly how to calculate your numbers and how to use that to determine where your sessions need to come in at. This will lay the foundation for a business that let's you shoot fewer sessions and bring in more money.

module 2 | Branding & your ideal client

You know those dream clients we keep talking about?! It's time to vividly define them. If you were to meet them in the coffee shop, would you be able to pick them out immediately? By the end of this module, you will not only know exactly who you are trying to attract, but you will be ready to design a brand that they will be magnetically drawn to. In this module, I will teach you all my secrets to website, social media and branding that resonates with high end clients.

module 3 | A Client Experience of Luxury

In order to attract your dream clients, we are going to need to design an experience that not only attracts your clients, but pampers them endlessly so they send all their friends your way! In this module, I will show you the ins and outs of my exact client experience and help you map out a thorough and detailed client experience of your own. Streamlining this process is a GAME CHANGER and will help you when it comes to marketing to the right people.

module 4 | selecting products & how to price them

If you want clients to spend four figure with you, you need to be ready to present them with artwork they will actually WANT to buy! I will show you where all of my products are sourced from and help you choose your own offerings. In this module we will also cover how to go about pricing your products so that you can meet those number goals we covered in the first module.  

module 5 | marketing

Marketing is SUCH a huge topic! It could truly be a course all on it's own! In this module, I've distilled it all down to teach you only the things you need to be doing to both serve current & past clients as well as reach new clients. There is not a SINGLE trick to just suddenly getting all the clients… it’s a combination of a LOT of things and I'm sharing all my best tricks with you!

module 6 | Blogging for SEO

In this module, I will walk you through not only how to write a blog post for google optimization, but also my strategy that you can use to make blogging a part of your marketing plan. 

module 7 | How to Run a Planning & Wardrobe Appointment to Set the Stage for Artwork Orders

module 8 | how to run an ordering appointment

In this module, I will talk you through my signature streamlined process for prepping for and running a successful ordering appointment that you can use so that you can feel confident in meeting with your clients and taking their artwork orders. It does not have to be scary or feel salesy at all.  They are actually a lot of FUN! You will even get to see actual footage of recorded sales meetings with some of my actual clients!

module 9 | Baby's first year collection

Incorporating a Baby's First Year Collection is such a great way to serve your clients when they bring home a new baby- AND it can simultaneously provide some very stable income for your business. It helps you to book your calendar out months in advance and helps you to build a strong bond with your clients by seeing them multiple times per year so that they keep coming back to you year after year. In this module I will show you exactly how I have mine laid out so it is a no-brainer for my expecting mommas!


Did you know that your artwork sale begins LONGGG before you ever sit down for an ordering appointment? What you do ahead of time should make your ordering appointment stress free and free from the pressure of trying to "make a sale". Your clients will already know what they want when they arrive and all you will have to do is type up the invoice. No high pressure sales tactics necessary. That is... if you've laid the ground work. In this module, I will show you my exact strategy that you can use for setting the stage for ordering appointments without having to feel salesy. 

In this bonus content, I will show you the basics of setting up your SEO for your showit website pages. This will help you to rank on google so your ideal clients can find you! When mothers in your area are searching for a newborn or family photographer, your name will pop up and they will be directed right to your website! This is the only truly free form of advertising out there because it brings you organic leads, right to your inbox time and time again.

Hiring Talia as a coach for my business has moved the needle in my business further than any other investment I’ve ever made. When I first hired her as a coach, I was ready to throw in the towel and go back to my 9 to 5 job. I was so burned out, photographing multiple sessions a day, missing my family and kids in the evenings and weekends, and I knew something needed to change. I’m so glad I took the leap and trusted her to help me with my business because I already doubled my income and hit 6 figures for the first time ever in my business! Talia provides you with the tools you need to achieve your business dreams, but you honestly get SO much more than that. You have someone in your corner, rooting for you, and encouraging you every step of the way. If I had to do it all over again, I would’ve hired her YEARS ago! If you’re on the fence about working with Talia, just know that this was the BEST business decision I’ve ever made


meet your photography business coach

I'm Talia, and I am so glad you're here! I am the girl behind Talia Laird Photography. I'm a motherhood photographer based in Wisconsin and I'm also a business coach for photographers who are ready to start booking four figure dream clients so they can stop shooting every night and weekend and run a profitable business. 

I remember when I finally had gained confidence in my work and felt like I knew how to make beautiful photos, but felt completely clueless as to how to run a profitable business. I was so busy (probably because I was shooting for very little) that I found myself missing out on family time, but was nervous to raise my prices, and wasn't sure if anyone would hire me if I charged more. I could barely balance it all and at the time, didn't even fully realize how little I was taking home after my expenses.

Since raising my prices and making some fundamental changes to my business, I have been able to make a full time income, consistently booking four figure dream clients, while gaining back my family life. I can't wait to help you do the same!

hi, sweet friend! 


photography business coach




9 self-paced modules for step-by-step instruction

group coaching calls 2x per month

online community for daily support

Follow a proven roadmap

The choice is yours.

in business, you have only two resources; you pay in either time or money. you can either invest the next 3-4 years downloading all the freebies, watching youtube videos + trying to figure this all out on your own, Or...

 You can invest in a photography business coach who will show you the exact steps all disstilled down to include everything you need, nothing you don't, to get your exactly where you want to go.

How does this sound?!

01.  Have implemented a proven elevated client experience that screams luxury and attracts high end clients who want your artwork in their home

02.  Setup a business model that will give you your time back with your own family- shoot less, make more!

03.  Consistently bring in 4 figures from each session so you can focus on shooting only the types of sessions you love

04.  Have confidence in running a client ordering appointment without feeling salesy

05. Attract your dream clients who value you as the expert and want a full service experience.


this program includes my exact blueprint that you can use to serve the luxury client so that you won't have to waste time or money guessing what works

 I have spent years working my buns off to create my signature Talia Laird Photography Experience for my clients. I shower my clients in love and truly do everything in my power to take on all of the stressful parts for them by serving them right to the very end. And every day I get messages from photographers asking where I am finding these dreamboat clients who understand the value of having their memories made into printed, tangible artwork. And I will be the first to tell you that my clients are seriously, a DREAM! They value the beauty of a printed album to look through with their children, they know that memories on the wall are memories relived every day. And they are excited to have someone (me!) take all of this off their plate. I've taken absolutely everything that I know works to attract my dream clients and giving them an incredible experience and poured it into this mastermind. Because, given that I was a schoolteacher before becoming a photographer, I knew that this was the best way for me to it was time for me to share it all with you in the way that only I can.

this is              if:

for you

this is probably                      if:

not for you

you're tired of taking on allll the clients and want to gain your life back & start making four figures at every session

you're ready to put in the work and make some big changes in your business

you want to serve your clients fully and give them an incredible experience and tangible keepsakes

you can't commit a few hours per week to making changes in your business

you're not interested in helping clients with their artwork orders

you aren't willing to take feedback, try a new approach & complete the program 

When does the program start?

We are currently accepting enrollments for the Roadmap to Luxury Motherhood Photography! Apply here to see if you're a fit!

you may still have questions...

How long does this program last?

This business coaching program lasts for 6 months! Access to my coaching, the zoom calls, and all recordings/lessons will be available during the duration of the 6 months so all work will need to be completed in that time. Students will have the option to continue on month-to-month after the 6 months have concluded.

How do you know I'll be able to book clients at higher rates?

Oh gosh, I bet you'd be shocked! I'm sure some of your current clients that you have right NOW would jump on the opportunity to have someone take framing off their plate! There is a huge opportunity to market to busy mothers who want beautiful things made for them, but just don't have the time or interest in doing it all themselves. You're probably leaving money on the table as we speak!

How much access to you will I get?

This program will be very hands on! My goal is to be right there with you every step of the way! Your success is my success! I will be hosting live group zoom meetings every other week where you will get one-on-one support and can ask all your questions "face-to-face". I will also have a private online platform where you will have access to me 5 days a week to ask any questions you have in between our calls.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, this is a four figure investment, and we have 4 and 6 month payment plans available at our discretion. My goal is for you to make back all of your investment with just 1-2 sessions, and for you to have your first four figure sale within the first 9 weeks of starting the program!! My past students have had an amazing return on their investment!

Will everyone in the group be working on the same things?

This mastermind will be run as a rolling enrollment group program- so we will all be going through the course together, yet still working at our own individual pace throughout our 6 month time together! This not only means a room full of new besties, but also, a built in support system since we'll all be putting our necks out there and making some big changes together!

still not sure?

I totally understand the weight of any investment into your business and I want you to be completely confident that this is exactly what you need before jumping in. I've taken everything I've learned over the last 5 years of establishing myself in the luxury client market and I've put it ALL into this course for you so you don't have to waste time or money trying things that don't work. I'd love to answer any questions you have before we start!